Diversity & Inclusion

JCYC is actively incorporating staff-led Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) initiatives to make our workplace and community a more equitable environment.

Internally, JCYC has established a D&I Council, which is led by JCYC’s staff. The D&I Council has also established sub-councils made up of specific underrepresented groups in our office. These internal councils provide JCYC’s staff with a safe and open platform to discuss their concerns and brainstorm ways to make JCYC’s workplace practices more equitable.

Externally, JCYC has led multiple equity-driven fundraising campaigns and initiatives to ensure JCYC’s children and youth participants, including the communities we serve and work with, have equal access and opportunity to succeed. A few of the fundraising campaigns and initiatives include:

  • JCYC Emergency Assistance Program
  • Thomatra Scott Scholarship Fund
  • San Francisco Campaign for Solidarity
  • Minority and Family-Run Restaurant Fundraisers

JCYC will continue to act on making equity a top priority for our agency, and if you have any questions on how we can improve our internal or external equity practices, please contact JCYC’s Admin Team D&I Council Representative Julie Matsueda.