JCYC College Access Programs’ Newly Renovated Office

JCYC College Access Programs (JCYC CAP) has relocated to a new location on the second floor of the Buddhist Church of America (BCA) offices on Octavia Street in San Francisco! Located at 1710 Octavia Street, the newly renovated space is made up of 4 medium-to-large office rooms, a small waiting and reception area, a kitchen, 2 gender-neutral restrooms, a shared conference room on the third floor, and a comfortable breakroom for JCYC staff and advisors to enjoy a bit of rest and relaxation during their busy workday. JCYC and the JCYC CAP team are very grateful for the support from Community Vision and funding from the San Francisco Office of Economic and Workforce Development’s Nonprofit Sustainability Initiative to help make this happen.

JCYC CAP’s former office location in San Francisco, on Post Street had one large open plan for all 25 Educational Advisors to operate. With the new BCA location, the 4 office rooms containing 5-7 desks each is a welcomed upgrade. Improvements to the third floor conference room are also underway, which will be used by JCYC CAP for large student-parent events and staff meetings. 

The office space currently hosts JCYC CAP’s Educational Talent Search (ETS) and San Francisco College Access Center (SFCAC) Educational Advisors and the Administrative Team. While Educational Advisors are scheduled to work at their respective school-sites throughout the week, the office is a space where they can pick up supplies, drop off paperwork, participate in in-person staff meetings, and/or use as a work space. Currently, JCYC CAP’s monthly staff meetings are virtual as the need continues to ensure the health and safety of the staff.

Emalyn Lapus, the Administrative Director of JCYC CAP, is excited about the new site, “First, I am thankful for the support that JCYC Executive Director Jon Osaki and Deputy Director Julie Matsueda provided by obtaining external funding to pay for renovations and upgrades for this new office. I am also thankful to JCYC Fiscal and Admin Coordinator Carol Tam for her time and assistance with managing the relocation logistics. The new office with its many windows allows much natural lighting and is generating vibrancy for staff. ”

For more information about JCYC CAP’s new site, please contact Program Director of JCYC CAP Gina Gutierrez at ggutierrez@jcyc.org or Associate Director Arleen Garcia at agarcia@jcyc.org.