Announcing the Inaugural Julie Matsueda Believe Scholarship

JCYC’s former Deputy Director, Julie Matsueda.

The Japanese Community Youth Council (JCYC) is extremely excited to announce the launching of a new scholarship program, the Julie Matsueda Believe Scholarship. The Believe Scholarship will provide a long-term commitment to selected preschool participants as an ongoing partner in their journey towards a healthy and productive adulthood.

After serving as JCYC’s Deputy Director for over 30 years, Julie stepped down at the end of 2022. In recognition of her lifetime commitment to service to the children and youth of JCYC, the staff of the organization are incredibly pleased and proud to create this new scholarship in her name.

The Julie Matsueda Believe Scholarship will commit long-term investments in preschool children who can substantially benefit from assistance to navigate societal and economic challenges on their journey toward fulfilling their hopes and dreams for the future.

Each year, JCYC’s Chibi Chan teachers will select up to five students to be recipients of the Believe Scholarship. Once their families accept the nomination, JCYC will make a multi-year commitment including:

  • Opening and seed funding a 529 college savings account;
  • Free annual access to JCYC’s Tomodachi Summer Program (Estimated value of $24,000 over 8 years);
  • Priority access to all services and opportunities provided by JCYC;
  • Ongoing annual contributions to the 529 account.

We would be extremely grateful if you would consider making a contribution to help us launch this new scholarship. Your support, no matter the amount, could make all the difference for our selected child recipients.

For more information, please contact our Executive Director Jon Osaki at or (415) 202-7918.